Dukan Diet Attack Phase

Eat proper meals and lose weight easily. The Dukan Diet Attack Phase is focus on eating protein rich meals as a protein based diet is known to trigger faster weight loss. For 5 days, your menu will consist of various proteins such as eggs, chickens, beef and fish.This diet works equally well as if you are fasting. Why is that? Eating proper meals do not trigger your body to go on a defensive mode and thus preventing weight loss. Eating proteins will satisfy your hunger easily and last for a longer period of time. A special requirement about this diet is to eat 1 tablespoons of oat bran each day. This is already incorporated into the easily prepared meal plans. Oat bran provides the necessary fibre that helps to bind the calories from the food consumed. This helps to limit their absorption into your body.The Dukan Diet Attack Phase is known to promote 6 - 13 Kg (15 - 30 lbs) of weight loss within a 5 days period. Check it out! It is free!
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