380FIT Workout Deck Regimen

380Fit is a Cross Training Regimen that uses a standard deck of cards. The deck of cards determine the rep scheme and movement.380Fit was designed by three certified coaches/athletes from three different training domains: A CrossFit L1 coach, Endurance/Condition coach, and a health and wellness coach. 380Fit was created by athletes for athletes. We at 380Fit created this workout regimen to encourage athletes to push themselves harder than ever before, while keeping the workouts fun and challenging! 380Fit has a variety of different workouts on a continuum from shorter sprint workouts to long grinding workouts. Our decks allow set workouts "For Time" that test endurance and conditioning, and "shuffled" workouts that keep anticipation and excitement at a high level. The deck is a standard deck with cards 2 through Ace and all four suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) and two jokers (barbell complex).
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