SAM Posture PrintThe #1 outward indicator of both present and future spinal health is posture. The SAM Posture Print App is used with a Spinal Analysis Machine (SAM) to document& explain posture as an indication of spinal health. The SAM (machine) provides aposture grid analysis comparing "ideal" posture to the actual posture exhibited by anindividual in a PA View and/or a Side View. Designed for speed, efficiency, & ease ofuse at spinal screenings (such as at a health fair) the SAM Posture Print App allows youto photograph one or both views then loads the photo (s) onto a PDF that documents andexplains the findings. The PDF also contains the screener's contact information. The App then allows you to wirelessly print the PDF and/or email it. With an identifier, you also have the option to email a file containing all of the days PDFs/screenings to youroffice computer for sending later. The email greeting and message are editable and auto load. Also each aspect of the PDFis editable and auto loads as well. The email and PDF will accept any language (thatyour phone defaults to). The SAM Posture Print App works well within the time constraints of spinal screeningwhile providing different options for delivering the results. It allows the musculoskeletalpractitioner to effectively interact with the public by offering public service spinalscreening while visually explaining the connection of posture to spinal health.
Operating System Android


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