Luna is the first app designed exclusively for women going through menopause or perimenopause to understand what causes hot flashes in their diet, physical and emotional activities. Luna enables you to log and share your hot flashes data and activities with your doctor to facilitate personalized treatment decisions. Statistic Dashboard The key feature of the app is "Trends" section where you can see the statistics of your hot flashes as well as a general summary of your activities to help you identify the pattern between your hot flashes occurrences and your unique hot flash triggers and help you understand how they may affect you and your health. Track hot flashes You can track hot flash duration by simply tapping a button to record the start and end time as well as the intensity; Mild, Moderate and Severe. Mood Tracking Take note of how you feel by creating a daily mood log; Choose an emoticon to represent your mood during the day and rate your stress level. Wellbeing Keep track of other daily activities that affect your well-being like Meals, Exercise, and Sleep Quality. Period TrackingThe menstrual tracking calendar help you track menstrual cycle irregularities and provides an automatic menopause counter. About DevelopersLuna is developed by Blue Trail Software. At BTS, we love building softwares to contribute to the causes we believe in. With one third of the engineers being women and led by a values-driven female CEO, Luna is an example of the company's dedication to value women at every stage of their lives, by offering them health tools that respects who they are.
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