Litmus Study Companion

The Litmus Study Companion makes it simple for you and your doctor to track unique indicators of your health over the duration of a clinical trial. With the Litmus Study Companion your doctor can integrate data from wearables and home sensors seamlessly into your trial. You can even update your health status and record answers to trial-specific questions on-the-go. Staying up-to-date on tasks for your trial is easy with a real-time dashboard and push notifications. Litmus Study Companion is equipped with the following features: Find and enroll in clinical trials using your unique participant ID, given to you by your physician. Effortless data collection from the wearable devices and home sensors that were issued or suggested by your doctor during the clinical trial. Simple capture of qualitative data about how you feel throughout the trial. Answer questions as provided by the study. Stay up-to-date with tasks for your trial with a real-time dashboard. Industry-standard privacy and security protections for your health data.
Operating System Android