Ancient Color Healing and Sound Therapy

GOT STRESS? TROUBLE SLEEPING? BODY ACHES AND PAINS? ILLNESS? If you answered yes to any of those, this app is for you. Busy lives bring stress. Stress creates imbalance in the body. Imbalance creates illness. Fight illness where it starts and help bring balance and harmony to your body/mind. Created by Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher Kristi Stoll. REVIEW. "Wow, this app really helps you calm and refocus. At work some days can really be stressful and what a difference this app makes. I really love the ancient healing music the best. ". FEATURES. 1) Powerful Color Therapy2) 3 Soothing Sound Therapy Tracks (endless loop) 3) Balancing, stress relieving, healing4) Can use on pets5) Can meditate with it6) Super easy to use7). USE ANYWHERE. at home, work, on your commute, watching TV, BEFORE SLEEP, etc (with or without sound). You can place phone near you (on a desk/dash/seat pointed toward you) or lying on/against you. You do not have to be focused on the app for it to work since it works directly with your energy. USE DAILY AND EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF THIS POWERFUL HEALING. "Skeptical about color and sound healing? You don't have to believe that it works for it to work. Give it a try. Allow yourself to receive and be open to the experience. ". HOW IT WORKS. COLOR THERAPYThe use of Color as a Healing Therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, powerful therapy which dates back thousands of years. The energetic centers (chakras) of your body can become unbalanced and affect your health and well being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Every color transmits a specific frequency and vibration which will correspond different imbalances. The color is absorbed by the eyes, skin, bones, cells, aura, chakras, etc.Because every cell in the body needs light energy to live, color can have widespread therapeutic effects on the whole body and then can go back into balance to keep you vibrant and healthy. SOUND HEALING THERAPYAlso dates back thousands of years. Working the same way, tones vibrate at a certain frequencies connecting with the energy/cells of your body helping to bring balance into the body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In Sound Therapy, practitioners often use instruments such as gongs, drums, bells, bowls, tuning forks and the voice (such as in chants) which you will find in this app to accompany the Color Therapy. INSTRUCTIONS. 1. FOR STRESS RELIEF AND BALANCING: Start at the top of the head - 7th chakra - and move down holding phone over each chakra for about 7 seconds each. Repeat at least 3 times or until you feel more calm and balanced. You can be lying down or sitting. It does not matter what color the app is showing for any given chakra. 2. TROUBLE AREAS: Do the above 3 times, then hold the phone over the troubled area for several minutes until you feel relief. 3. AS A MEDITATION: Focus your eyes on the rotating colors of the app and imagine being wholly enveloped in each color as it appears on the phone. Feel the color, sound and healing move into you and through you. Visualize yourself being healthy and whole. 4. PETS: Use the same above techniques to help balance and heal. INSPIRATION FOR THE APP. Twelve years ago, Kristi (app creator) was shown in a vision how to use the colors of the rainbow to heal. Since then, she has been certified as a Master Healer in several Hawaiian Rainbow Healing modalities. IN THIS APP YOU ARE RECEIVING. 1) The Power of Rainbow Color Healing Therapy. 2) The Powerful Healing of Sound. 3) A special integration of Kristi's own Powerful Healing Energy - bringing you 3 layers of Healing and Balancing. Thanks for downloading. Keep in touch. Let us know what you think. Note: None of the information in this app claims to be a cure for illness or is to replace your doctors advice/prescriptions.
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