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Fithancer - Fitness TrackerThe Fithancer platform aims to be a reliable interface between personal trainers and their clients giving the trainers accurate data off which to draw conclusions, and, giving their clients progress reviews, fitness updates and course correction tips to help keep them motivated and on the right track towards their final goals. Fithancer boasts a 622 exercise database giving personal trainers the flexibility to build and share workout plans as well as send notifications and tips to their clients. Main features include: Up to 622 exercises. Ability to add your own exercises and photos. Written text step-by-step instructions for all exercises. Animated illustrations for many of the included exercises. Meaningful & interactive charts - our charts will allow your to keep track of: Your performance over time. Your improvment over time. Your targeted muscle ratios. Your failed set ratio. Your average rest time between sets. Flexible workout plans - Fithancer allows you to: Use one of the 4 included workout plans. Build your own workout plans. Request a personalized workout plan from a personal trainer of your choosing. Ability to track all your workouts. Workout timer with customizable options. No AdsContact: Email: support@fithancer.comWebsite: http://www.fithancer.com.
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