Your patient experience reinvented. Communication with your provider made simple. Meet Keet. Side note: Keet Health is only available to users who have been invited by their provider. If your provider isn't using Keet Health, ask them to contact us at Your care plan at your fingertips. Your exercises in one location- Assigned tasks in one, easy to find list- Beautiful videos so you can feel confident you're doing exercises correctly- Keep track of your progress by checking off each task as you complete itCommunication. not isolation. Let your provider know how you're doing between visits- Unsure of something? Asking has never been easier- Educational materials so you know what to expect- Share your care plan with friends or familyReminders (because we can all use extra encouragement sometimes). Help you make your recovery part of your routine- Adjust notifications to your schedule. And if you're feeling like a pro, simply turn them off. Ready for recovery? We're ready to help.
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