Use Your Android To Count StepsThis high-quality step counter app will meet users' expectations for their step counter, walking, running, fitness training, and weight loss needs. It is easy to use. No website login just download, open and Adjust settings from setting screen or activity and Start tracking your exercise right away. To use it, simply turn your screen off and put the phone in your pocket, in a belt clip, purse, bag or jacket. Whether you walk or run, or play this Pedometer records the number of steps, distance that you have walked and show the number of calories that you have burned (showing calories burned feature will be available in paid version only). Some of the high quality features of this app are. The easiest to use pedometer for any phone. Accurate activity tracking and step counting. Audio feedback. Unlimited Story Runs. Calculating distance, steps and calories burned when you walk or run. Beautiful trend displays for your steps, calories and weight. Records your daily exercise. Ad freeRunning is one of the very efficient movement. Medical research has shown that to stay healthy and prevent heart disease and diabetes it is crucial to stand up and walk several times throughout the day. People who spend lots of time standing up and moving around can reduce their risk of developing heart disease and diabetes by staying active. Running exercise can effectively improve the functioning of respiratory system, circulatory system and immune system. Invite friends and family with challenges to motivate each other in a fun way. Note: if you have errors number of step, speed and pace, it's not a app bug but easy to handle. Try it change the level of sensitivity and other settings like body weight and step length. If you need help with something, or have a problem, a question, a suggestion or other feedback please use the email address found below.
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