This application is a perfect guide to all the information related to Reflexology (Acupressure points on the hands and feet). It provides information about: 1) Science of Acupressure2) Features of Acupressure3) Instruments required to apply pressure to the pressure point. 4) Common FAQsYou can get instant relief from your ailments by: 1) Search for a specific health related problem 2) Get the list of points on your hands and feet associated with the ailment3) Press or apply pressure to that pointFor ex, if you are having problems with your "stomach": 1) Open the app and tap on Search button. 2) Type "Stomach" in the search field. 3) Get the list of pressure points. 4) Click on any one of the point. 5) Press or apply pressure to that point to get relief. You can also quick search about common diseases using the links below the search bar. Some quick links are diabetes, sinus, blood pressure, throat, tonsils, common cold, stomach issues, pitta, vatta, thyroid, kidney, heart. According to the science of Astrology, individuals of specific zodiac sign are likely to suffer from specific ailments. Using this application you can select your zodiac and get the common ailments for the same. Also, it will list the points to be pressed to minimise the effect of such ailments. Now, you can get the above information in Hindi and Marathi too, along with English. You can anytime change your preferred language. 1) Got to any screen in the app. 2) Click on the globe icon in the footer. 3) Select any one language as your preferred language. 4) Learn Acupressure using your preferred language.
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