Impromptu Hoops is a tool for basketball players to develop fundamental skills and reaction time to take their game to the next level. It allows the coach or player to design game-like basketball drills that consist of a series of randomized commands immediately executed by the athlete. Numerous unexpected direction changes and transitions in an Impromptu Hoops practice session result in an efficient instinctive skills and ball handling training. Being an offline tool it can be used anywhere, outside or in the gym, with or without the hoop. Effective training continues in the absence of the coach. How it works: Using headphones or portable speakers the athlete hears commands which they execute immediately after hearing. To create the audio they select exercises from one of the libraries which are then included in a training session file. Adjustments to the time, frequency and tempo of exercise items and the duration of the training session can then be made. Pressing Play button starts the practice session. Features: rich library of exercises- custom library supported by Text to Speech - in-app exercise demonstration videos- adjustable time and frequency of exercises- adjustable tempo- random command sequence generator- File system to save and share files - Impromptu Hoops GuideThis app requires Texts to Speech voices enabled in the settings. This app has no ads and no in-app purchases.
Operating System Android