Huckleberry: Sleep Improvement for Kids

Huckleberry learns about your sleep situation. Our algorithms and sleep experts then analyze and develop a personalized, easy-to-follow program for you and your child. For ages 5 months - 5 years old. How it works: 1. Log 1 week of your child's sleep and take our adaptive Questionnaire2. Submit your sleep data3. Receive personalized guidance that matches your situation and needs4. Keep track of your progress5. Sleep better. Huckleberry includes: A promise that we'll never just tell you to let your child cry it out- Sleep logging that is easy to do with one hand, with a single tap- Daily sleep charts, sleep stats and summary- In-depth analysis of your child's sleep- An easy-to-follow personalized plan that is created just for you. Want more Huckleberry? Learn more at www.huckleberrysleep.comJoin us at us at
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