Take your speech therapy to the next level. Practice word-finding skills for adults with aphasia after stroke with this trial of an evidence-based app. Four engaging activities give you lots to talk about in new ways as you improve higher-level expressive language skills including thought organization, attention to detail, and mental flexibility. Try this Free sample of the full app to find out if it's right for you. Advanced Naming Therapy is your next step up from our best-selling Naming Therapy app - perfect for the speech therapy clinic and home practice for people with aphasia, cognitive-communication challenges, and unclear speech after stroke. Challenging, fun, and perfect for groups, Advanced Naming Therapy will be your "go-to" app for verbal expression. 4 Trusted Activities: 1) CREATE sentences using action words based on the evidence-supported Verb Network Strengthening Treatment (VNeST) method for aphasia. 2) GENERATE words in sound- and meaning-based categories to stretch your mental dictionary as you improve verbal fluency and speed after stroke. 3) DESCRIBE interesting photographs that will make you laugh or scratch your head - and talk. 4) COMPARE and contrast pairs of items from concrete to abstract using verbal reasoning skills. Over 1, 250 unique stimuli in the full version - you won't get bored as you improve with this exciting speech therapy app. These activities can help people with aphasia or anomia after stroke, cognitive-communication challenges after brain injury, tip-of-the-tongue sensation during conversation, or other cognitive and communication challenges. Download now to get started for Free - or jump right in with the full version of Advanced Naming Therapy. Looking for something different in a speech therapy app? We offer a wide range to choose from. Get the right one for you at http://tactustherapy.com/apps.
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