Workout Interval Timer

This is simple to use interval timer application which can be used as a time measurement tool in any kind of workouts and exercises or other fitness and non-fitness activities. User interface is very clean therefore easy and simple to use. This universal workout interval timer allows user to create his own exercise and training plans by simple adding unlimited number of individual exercises. Every individual exercise can be easily customized using various timers. For each exercise there are 7 options: Exercise name. Number of reps (How many times exercise is repeated). Work time. Rest time between reps. Number of sets (Series of reps). Pause time between sets. Color (Helps user visualize exercise better) Countdown (timer) screen has big time numbers making it very easy to read. In addition, current set and rep are shown. Also, there is sound effect at the end of each interval and ability to pause and resume timer. This curcuit timer can be used both at home or at the gym while performing numerous different exercises like bodyweight exercises, exercises with weights or kettlebells, crossfit, all sorts of cardio trainings, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), tabata, different curcuit workouts and more. This application will be helpful in workouts like squats, push-ups, sit-ups, plank running, cycling, weightlifting etc.Permissions: Application uses INTERNET permission in order to show ads.
Operating System Android