As I talk to men about ideal weight, health and frankly life, a hidden commonality has become evident. That is there's a bigger picture. A greater need. They want more than weight loss and even more than the 3% who keep it off. Men want to know their purpose. The rules of engagement. And how to win. They want the ultimate trophy - a legacy. Over the last four years, I have researched the process of building a legacy and the relevance of attaining and maintaining good health along the way. The result is our legacy pyramid, a simple 5-step path to create or elevate a powerful legacy; and, our client transformational framework, which lays three milestones within each step. Working through our unique purpose-driven program you'll regain your strength, stamina and vitality so that you can live fully, give freely and fearlessly create or elevate your legacy, without wasting valued time. Our legacy pyramid, which identifies each step and their tremendous "transformation power" when combined, are: 1. Feed the Body2. Seed the Mind3. Need the Spirit4. Heed the Balance5. Deed the DealAgain, these 5-steps are each broken down into 3 milestones in the "client transformation framework. " It's a great way to illustrate the path of our highly personalized, science based methodology, which has been crafted using multiple disciplines including personal training, learnership curriculum, leadership development, and wellness and life coaching. From weight loss to weight lifting, and from learnership to leadership, and from fully living to a fulfilled life, and finally - a legacy; Purposely Fit is your trainer, coach and guide. We simply offer more than the proverbial beach body. We offer an individualized plan, process and partnership for the best you. Our programs: If you're ready to prepare to rise to the next level, or to create a dynamic plan for an impending retirement or if you're just a young buck who knows what he wants; we can help you become the best you possible. PF FITThe foundation of our pyramid, which includes nutritional guidance and meal planning - also features our tailored, periodized progressive fitness training plans, and of course includes weekly top level one-on-one coaching, daily analysis and timely tweaking. PF LIFEUp a level, in combination with the PF Fit module or separately, is our second module- PF Life. This is where you start the process of discovering your purpose, casting a compelling vision and writing your plan. You will really begin to understand and work with; not against, the connection between body, mind and spirit. The benefits include knowing what's possible in your life, how to get there, and the confidence of an experienced guide. We're talking about, finally, getting unstuck. And learning the secret to overcoming that hole you sometimes feel. Expect more focus. More intentionality. More accountability. More motivation. And less stress. With more sleep. PF LEGACYSo, what if you're all in; and ready to begin forging your legacy. right now. That's awesome, just know PF Legacy is an exclusive, signature service available by interview and invitation only. It's here you begin to execute your "perfect as you can plan" and to go deep developing and deploying your gift. When you have a concrete faith that you have found your way to use your purpose and give of yourself in a servant leadership way; you will have also found true joy. Sounds big, maybe even profound. Right? No worries we'll take each step together. So, "what's the next step? "Let's get you fit, get you training with a purpose-driven discipline to stay fit, and get you on the path to intentionally pursuing your legacy. You've got but one life. just one. Own It. Live It. Give. For more information or to get started you've got the right app or visit us at https://www.purposelyfit. coach/.
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