Train anywhere, any time with bbpfitness. ukMetcon online personal training video series. The short definition of metabolic training is completing structural compound exercises with little/no rest in between exercises, in an effort to maximise calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. Burn fat while building lean muscle -Larger muscle groups worked-Higher intensity workouts-Feel the after burn - up to 48 hours of calorie burn-For sports performance or everyday lifeWhat you get if you subscribe. Personal training account in the app-Burn fat, build muscle - serious calorie burn-Progress checks every 4 weeks - fitness test-Workouts you can complete anywhere (gym/home - little/no equipment needed) -New video workout every week - monthly challenges with leader boards-4 workouts ready in account when signed up-Metcon strength and conditioning training-Full bespoke 7 day meal plan-Motivation coach-Full support (phone calls, video calls, emails, in app messages) Subscribe through the website. see you soon.
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