Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

SimpleEye Bluetooth Oximeter records pulse oximeter measurements from an external Bluetooth pulse oximeter or manual input. The readings can then be shared by SMS or email. Version 3.0. 0 includes: New pulse oximeter support: the ChoiceMmed MDC300C318 is now supported in addition to the Nonin 9560BT II. Voice announcements read back your measurements without having to look at the screen. Reminders help you take regular measurements. Tested on a wider range of handsets. Bug/stability fixes and user interface improvements. Version 2.6.0 includes: Interactive charts: chart scrolling, tap to display measurement, long-press to change display time resolution. Updated documentation. Minor bug fixes. Previous versions include: Data import/export- Improved Bluetooth support/integration. Improved automatic measurement capture, stability improvements and minor bug fixes- Integration with SimpleEye Google Health and other SimpleEye applications- Vibration feedbackBLUETOOTH FUNCTIONALITY REQUIRES A COMPATIBLE EXTERNAL BLUETOOTH PULSE OXIMETER. The Nonin Onyx II 9560 is supported. See for more details. Keywords: SimpleEye, bluetooth, Google Health, blood oxygen, pulse, oximeter.
Operating System Android