StaminaX works in 3 modes, The "Wake up", the "Sport" and the "focus" one. Each one uses a different biomusicology. The first mode, is a track that helps you "wake up" and be more conscious in the morning or after you took a nap. It uses Binaural beats, a technology that combines 2 tones of different frequencies. This one is designed to bring you to a more conscious state after a more relaxed one. Perfect to use in the morning, before work or after a nap. The 2nd, is a powerful one. It combines 2 technologies, Isochronic tones and high frequency gamma noise. Isochronic tones are in the perfect appropriate frequency to bring you to a state of full awareness of the mind and increases the performance of the body for body activity. It also improves your reflexes. High frequency gamma noise, enhances the power of Isochronic tones, making it more effective. Perfect for sports or the gym. The 3rd mode, is created for those who needs brain power. Students, workers or anyone who have to be focused. It uses Binaural beats, tuned in a way that reduces high brain activity to help you stay focus. As a result, helps you to be more creative too. Binaural beats, are only effective only if you wearing headphones, so make sure you listening to them with headphones on. WARNING: Don't use this app if you: 1. Are operating machinery. 2. Are epileptic. 3. Have any extreme health issues. Visit for more info.
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