This is a fitness app that focuses on health-care, diet and healthy habits. It has several modules or functionalities that are as follows: Account Creation - It reads the Name, Height, Weight, Gender and Age of the User. Diet Chart - It creates a Diet plan for every day depending on the BMI index of the User. BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator - It Calculates the BMI index depending on the Weight and Height of the User. Explore Food - detailed Information on types of Healthy Food. Personal Enhancer - It includes different kinds of exercises depending on the Age and Gender of the User, and also includes several Challenges for the same. Blood Volume - It reads Weight, Height and Gender of the user and calculates the Blood Volume. Water Intake - Depending on the Weight of the User the amount of Water intake is calculated. Reminder - The App generates reminders for the day. It also enables the User to set custom reminders. Pedometer - It Calculates the Calories lost by the User and the number of steps walked by the User.
Operating System Android