Deliver Digital healthcare services to your patients (existing, new) using your own Mobile Phone, Laptop or Tablets. Patients upload their digital medical records (prescriptions, lab reports, x-ray etc) and Share with you instantly. You can practice from multiple clinics (Physical and Virtual), and hospitals from a single App. You offload all your complex scheduling and become paperless. You can now offer Digital OPD, Digital RPD (Audio/Video), Text Consultation and receive Digital Payments. KareXpert Digital Healthcare Open Network connects and transforms Clinics and Hospitals into "Smart Clinics" and "Smart Hospitals" over its advanced technology stack. There is no additional IT staff and hardware needed in your premise. You can digitally access all your Patients as "My Patients" and similarly your patients can tag you as preferred doctor and create "My Care Team". Millions of users can now search you over google (other social platforms) and see your online rich profile and access your services. KareXpert Provides Smart Care Services: 1) Create Enriched Online Profile2) Digital Marketing3) Add Media Gallery4) Access Your Patients5) Become Panel Doctor6) Create Multiple Clinics7) Associate to Hospital Care Team8) Create Appointment Calender9) Digital OPD Consulatation10) Digital RPD Consulation11) Text Consultation12) 3 Yrs Prescription Storage13) Issue e-Presciptions14) Access Patient Records15) Create Registration Desk16) Offer Care Packages17) Add Patients18) Share Your Rich Profile19) Free Cloud Store (10GB) 20) Recieve Digital PaymentAbout KareXpert: KareXpert is an advance technology platform for Digital Healthcare And Health Analytics. Millions of people can now access the healthcare services from their Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Tablets. KareXpert platform instantly transforms the providers into "Smart Clinics", "Smart Hospitals", "Smart Pharmacy", "Smart PathLab", Smart Imaging", and Connect Ambulance and Blood banks. Users can access smart healthcare care services and experience "Connected Healthcare" 24x7 anywhere. KareXpert enables "Healthcare Open Network" concept bringing FREE Connectivity to Providers and Patients. KareXpert "Global Platform" connects providers with their international patients for seamless healthcare services bringing ZERO distance concept. KareXpert mission and vision is "Healthcare Access For All". Disclaimer: KareXpert is not a healthcare provider but a technology platform enabling Digital healthcare by connecting providers and patients. KareXpert does not provide any healthcare advice and Patient must refer to their providers for their medical health issues. KareXpert customer support is available as self-care and assisted-care to support and answer any questions of yours.
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