DocNMe - Smart Practice (Lite)

Get Smart Practice Lite by Doc N Me and adapt yourself to the digital healthcare trends of today and provide patient care with ease. Smart practice lite- This Doctor app by Doc N me is a well rounded globally cloud synced healthcare system, aimed to help digitize obgyn doctors like you to boost revenue, get online, grow your credibility and experience patient connection on a whole new level. Reach out to patients in their time of need and be part of a point-of-care system which lets you access, view and share patient medical profile for a better chance at diagnosis and treatment. " Be the smart doctor any patient would want "Features for OBGYN Doctors: Take control. Manage your patients from various clinics and hospitals, globally. Access & maintain patient records whenever. Organize patient appointments based on your convenience. Schedule or reschedule appointments. (Appointments on the go or reschedule your appointment). Optional SMS reminders (notifications) for appointment confirmations. Space out your appointments to avoid patient waiting in long queues using this doctor app. Stay Connected. Access and read patient profile to understand the case (much) better and spend more time with the patient discussing treatment plans rather than flipping test and medical report pages. View the patient profile in one screen (page) in this smart lite doctor app. Access, view, and comment on the test and scan reports shared by your patient. Access & Update Electronic Health Records. Maintain patient's menstrual, gynec, fertility, obstetrics history records with easy built-in options. Get access to previous fertility medical history records of the patient. Access the medical profile of the patient's family and the husband if shared by the patients for a better diagnosis and treatment plan. Doctor app gives you Optional cloud backup to retain your data between device transfers and crashes. Ask-the inbuilt chat feature. This doctor app allows you to answer queries at you're at your convenience. Boost patient loyalty and get new patients. Get paid to answer queries at your convenience. Doctor app develops your online presence, enhances the patient experience and increase the extent of patient care with our Smart Practice Lite. Suggest Address & Educate the patient through articles and Goodreads.
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