The Get Right Workout Plan is a very unique routine that it capitalizes on gradual changes over a longer duration of time. Most plans being marketed today focus on intense training methods that produce short term results. Of course we all want to look good quickly, but reality is it takes lots of effort over a period of ample time. We just all are not built for the extreme intense workout regimens. We all are wired differently and it takes various stimuli to motivate us emotionally. Right now tell yourself that is OK. You do not have to pull tires, or run 2 miles a day to stay fit. In fact you can stay fit with just 30 minutes a day dedicated to our program. The Get Right Workout Plan will help you accomplish things you thought were never possible. Best thing of all it will do it without breaking your bank or emptying your wallet. Here is how it works. After you sign up there will be a list of exercises. Each of these exercises are hand picked by our fitness professionals as foundational exercises. This means you can not pick 3 of the exercises and expect to get the results we have had. Instead, you can choose the order of the exercises or break down the workouts into two separate days. We suggest you workout a minimum of 4 days using our program so that would mean doing 1-7 exercises 2 days and 7-14 exercise another two days. Total you are going to have done 28 exercises per week. The number of sets for each exercise is determined by you. If you are looking to trim down we suggest 4 sets and if you are looking to bulk up we suggest 3 sets. When you click on the exercise you will see a video option at the top. This video is simply a demonstration of the exercise and should be used to follow the proper form while working out. Once you have the form you then are ready to start the timer. The timer will be set for 30 seconds. Each set you will do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. After the rep the timer will automatically go into rest mode depending on what option you selected in the settings (we suggest starting out with 30 seconds rest between sets). Once the rest is over you go back into repeating the exercise until you have done a minimum of 3 sets or a maximum of 4 sets. Again the number of sets is based on your fitness goals of losing fat or bulking up with more lean muscle. If you are confused on how to implement the timer simply email me at getrightworkoutplan@gmail.com. As a added feature we have added a alarm signal for you to know when to start exercising and when to rest. At the end of each 30 second interval you will hear a series of beeps signaling that your exercise period for that set is ending. Immediately after the exercise set has concluded the timer will go into a rest period based on your preference in the settings. You will then hear another series of beeps indicating when the rest period is ending and the next set should be started. Keep in mind that your timer is your way to know how long you have been exercising in totality and keep track of whether you are taking too much time between exercises. What's NewRest options for different fitness levels. Click on the settings button and change the rest period between sets to whatever you feel most comfortable. We suggest starting with a 30 second rest if you are not an athlete or avid lifter. Once you have built up your endurance you can alter the rest as low as 10 seconds to increase the intensity of the workout. Now, let's stop all this Talking and GET RIGHT.
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