iMontignac is the application that lets you easily, simply and accurately to follow the Montignac method because it shows the same Glycemic Indexes of the official method. The application once the initial synchronization can work offline. You do not need to register or access. All data will be saved in the device and easily exportable. With iMontignac you: + Refer to the Glycemic Indexes of foods (listed alphabetically and by category) + Search for a food and determine its glycemic index+ Control your food lifestyle by placing all meals of the day in your personal calendar and share them+ To have at a glance the overall situation through simple and effective customizable widgets+ Activate an assistant who accompanies you tagging along and helping you remember all the rules of the method: and not permitted foods, meals than GM (glucidic meal) and LM (lipidic meal) etc.+ Achieve your goals and share them with your friendsiMontignac can be your diary and at the same time a formidable assistant of your dietary lifestyle allowing you to reach safely and easily your goals.
Operating System Android