This is first of its kind Radio Channel, "The Diabetes Radio. " Wherein, help is available at a click of a button. Diabetes has been compromising lives of millions of people worldwide. We wish to extend our support by imparting Diabetes Education in a Musical Way. Being rendered as a complicated disease, in diabetes; you will see that it's surrounded by number of myths. However, there is always a silver line behind the clouds; so here is a myth buster, drug buster and lifestyle changer app in your pocket. Through this medical app, people will find that 99% of all questions are common among diabetes population. Reason why, only by mere listening to this radio app; the masses can educate themselves to manage and control diabetes. This app is especially dedicated to Type 1 children, whose number is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, especially in the developed nations. Parents are often stressed with the amount of Insulin Intervention, as the child may land up in Hypoglycemic or Hyperglycemic condition. Their worries require immediate attention, wherein many a times, even doctors are unavailable. Through this Diabetes Radio App, they can relax as expert advices are a click away. The Diabetes Radio App is a miracle initiative of World Renowned Medical Nutritionist and Diabetes Expert, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. It will be launched on 7th April' 2017 on World's Health Day, worldwide.
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