Welcome to Stretching Programs, this APP show 14 workouts to stretch your body (legs, shoulders, back, feet, hips and more). Flexibility is an principal component of overall fitness. suppleness is generally not one of the main center of attention of many fitness programs. few people realize that flexible joints and regular stretching are also essential for optimal health and activity. For example, stretching exercises can help people who have arthritis, Muscle tension, back and shoulder pain. The features of our Application: A complete stretching program: Full Body Stretch (Neck to Toe) - Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced - Helps correct posture by stretch tight muscles- Animated demonstration for showing the exercises stretch- The ability to mark and edit your stretching exercises- Save strech programs - Profesional graphics. No internet connectionYou ask how to Stretching can help and how to stretch correctly? Just download this APP and learn a lot about stretch benefits and the ways you can go for it for best outcomes. Increase Flexibility with this Stretching exercises and flexibility workout trainer with free workouts. Source Images: freepik.com> Privacy Policy: After the application installation, a message box ask you to read and accept application rights. To access application rights, click the Privacy Policy button on the About page.
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