Iggbo is a platform that brings you more work, and our app was designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Everything about the Iggbo app was developed to make your job easier and to create the industry's most intelligent app for delivering healthcare services. The Iggbo app has purpose-built features to make care delivery and medical testing even more convenient and consistent. IntuitiveIggbo's app has a new UI that is clean, clear, and fast. InformativeWe show you available appointments, along with all the information you'll need to perform service, and you grab what appointments you want. IntelligentOur Procedure Intelligence feature guarantees quality by eliminating guesswork from any ordered service. InfiniteOur app allows any number of private labor networks to be digitally managed and organized by one, simple technology that you control. More About Iggbo: Iggbo is a healthcare technology company with one goal: positively disrupt the industry and make personalized medicine possible for more people. Combining on-demand technology with a flexible workforce of independent phlebotomists and healthcare specialists, Iggbo delivers care and collects diagnostics and medical testing anytime, anywhere. Operating in over 180 US cities, with a workforce of over 8, 000 phlebotomists, Iggbo's national, on-demand platform is reinventing healthcare's service delivery model and bringing efficiencies to almost every vertical of healthcare from Specialty Labs to Health Systems to Tele-medicine to Clinical Trials.
Operating System Android