Mozzaz Care is an app that delivers personalized support for individuals with complex care needs as part of their daily living and therapy programs. This support can be in the form of activities with reminders, video or audio lessons, self-assessment forms and text to speech voice output. Mozzaz Care can also be used by professionals for patient assessments, observations, service recordings and progress notes through their mobile device. Through data collection and monitoring, Mozzaz Care keeps patients connected to their care team, and continuously tracks their progress. With the Care Recipient and Caregiver user modes the app can be used by Caregivers working alongside their patients, or by the patient themselves as part of their self-care. The versatility of Mozzaz Care allows it to aid individuals with a wide variety of health issues, including those with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, behavioral health and mental health disorders, as well as those in home care and long-term care settings. From individuals with autism or brain injuries to those with depression, PTSD, or anxiety, Mozzaz Care can be used as a key portion of their treatment plan, helping improve independence and patient outcomes. Benefits for Care Recipients: Mobile care plans and interventions that can be personalized to suit all needs. Convenience through remote Caregiver support and monitoring for treatment activities. Access care support anywhere and anytime Benefits for Caregivers and Providers: Efficient care delivery through remote care planning and treatment programming. Save time through automatic data collection and reporting of treatment outcomes. Enhance productivity with ready-made care plan content and activities App Features: Text to speech voice output for speech and language disorders. Visual schedules with reminders and notifications to support taking medication, exercising, and other activities. Support for 'cause and effect' learning exercises. In-app assessment and observation forms. Over 50, 000 symbols and words available through the Mozzaz Cloud library (such as Pictograms, Widgit, and Bliss). Text and voice output in over 30 different languages (including Arabic with right-to-left reading), and 100 different voices/accents (including child voices). Record your own voice or audio for personalization or voice-banking. Remote programming support enables you to create content from your own device and then share to other devices. Collaboration and content sharing within the care team: therapists, educators, caregivers and family members. Customize page layouts with different number and sizes of tiles per page. Access ready-made pages in the Mozzaz Public Library. Care Recipient, Caregiver and Clinician modes to enable different user scenarios.
Operating System Windows Windows 10 Windows Mobile Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (x86, x64)