The role of diet in the development of cancer is complex. Some foods are full of anti-cancer molecules whose daily intake would limit the growth of precancerous cells. It seems clear that no food or supplement alone would be able to protect against cancer. Rather, it is necessary to rely on a large variety of anticancer molecules, consumed in large quantities and in a constant manner. Pro-carcinogenic foods or those that create an environment conducive to cancer formation must also be limited. Fruits and vegetables, for example, contain large quantities of phytochemicals, including several antioxidants. The association between fruit and vegetable consumption and the prevention of cancers is well documented: reduced risk of lung, mouth, pharyngeal, esophagus, stomach, breast, colon and rectum. You will know more at the end of the reading. With this application, You will know what food can save your life. + Minis quiz to make+ A simple understanding+ Short subjectsand many others.
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