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Talk Around It USA helps people with word finding difficulties to practice Naming Techniques and improve Word Retrieval. Developed by Speech and Language Pathologists, Talk Around It USA uses evidence-based techniques to treat conditions such as aphasia, anomia, stroke, dementia, alzheimer's and autism. It includes over 100 high quality pictures, over 800 Cues, Testing and Progress Reports to document patients' progress. Talk Around It USA includes Naming exercises, Testing and Progress Reports and the option to customize. These features make it the most comprehensive and affordable app on the market to help with word finding. Try the FREE version to see how the features can help you. Key FeaturesOver 100 quality imagesOver 800 cues (audio and written) Picture Customization: Option to omit pictures and create a favorites list Testing: Test 10 words, 50 words or your Favorite WordsProgress Reports: View patient progress showing results over time and by test typeReal voiceoverNo ads or in-app purchasesThe Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT) review: 'Talk Around It apps have therapeutic benefit and shall be a good medium within treatment to target word finding deficits for specific cohort of patients. I would recommend these apps and will have them in my therapy toolbox. ' (IASLT Magazine, spring/summer 2014Talk Around It is used in clinical and home settings and has been shown to improve: Word finding or naming skills. Cued Lexical Retrieval. Receptive and expressive language. Self-cuing to help word finding. Circumlocution skillsOur users like the accessibility of the app and the simplicity of the interface. Just download the app and begin your naming practice using the hi-res photographic images, audio and written cues. Speech and Language Pathologists using our app say: ". a very useful tool to aid in the generalisation of strategies learned in one-to-one therapy sessions. " (Kerrie, SLP, Ireland) "Easy to use app. Clear pictures and nice interface. Accessible for children. " (Trudy, SLP, Singapore) "Visually this app looks really well. The pictures are clear and the layout of the app is understandable and user friendly. The cues available are thorough and easy to understand. I could definitely see this being useful in therapy. " (Eimear, SLP).
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