MedeCrush is a fast, interactive tool designed to provide health professionals with easy access to current, evidence-based information about the safe crushing and dissolving of commonly used medications. The information includes alerts for medications that require special handling, medications that may increase the risk of swallowing complications, plus step by step information for the preparation of medications for administration via a PEG feed. A list of alternative medications is provided where applicable. Medications are often crushed or dissolved for patients with swallowing difficulties (particularly patients with dementia, Parkinson's disease and residents of nursing homes). WHY USE MEDECRUSH? SEARCH for more than 1000 medications by generic or brand name. FAST access and easy to use. NO INTERNET connection needed to use the app. EASY-TO-READ medication profiles. CURRENT evidence based information. DATABASE is regularly updated and maintained by consultant pharmacists. INCLUDES information about administering medications via PEG tube. We're always interested in any feedback or questions that you may have, please email us at:
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