CHD (Coronary heart Disease) Risk Calculator is used to calculate the risk of heart disease. Most people with coronary heart disease can feel healthy for years before they start experiencing symptoms. The most common symptom is a heart attack. If coronary heart disease is not treated, some of the plaques in the coronary arteries can break away and block the blood flow to the heart. Coronary heart disease is the most common cause of sudden death. It is also the most common cause of death in people over 65 years old. Men are 10 times more likely to get coronary heart disease than women. Extensive clinical and statistical studies have identified several factors that increase the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack Major risk factors are those that research has shown significantly increase the risk of heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease. About 82 percent of people who die of coronary heart disease are 65 or older. At older ages, women who have heart attacks are more likely than men are to die from them within a few weeks. Men have a greater risk of heart attack than women do, and they have attacks earlier in life. Even after menopause, when women's death rate from heart disease increases, it's not as great as men's. Therefore it is necessary to calculate the overall risk of the heart disease before its to late. For more Information, feedback and suggestions email us to
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