A Clinical Care System for the EMR (Electronic Medical Record). The most innovative clinical app for patient care, physician productivity, best practices and optimal documentation. This is the mobile companion to the EMR App. iDox optimizes the EMR/EHR, it is an integrated solution for your Hospital EMR (Epic, Cerner, etc), it organizes, automates, standardizes, improves productivity and systematizes clinical documentation for total quality, compliance and clinical effectiveness. The System improves communication and cuts Note writing time by >50%. iDox incorporates more than 500 disease-specific, structured, interactive Medical Templates (H&Ps and Progress Notes). Its modular design allows quick and efficient customization plus insertion of diagnoses to the notes. More than 300 Diagnoses are harmonized for best practices and ICD-10 documentation, assuring total medical quality and optimal coding (for capturing acuity, SOI and ROM). It will significantly improve clinical workflows in the hospital and the Office. +Designed to smoothly run "on" the EMR (not "in" the EMR) and integrate into the workflows. + iDox is Ready for your Hospital (Easy installation, implementation, set up, maintenance and upgrading) + EMR-ready (Epic-ready, Cerner and more.) + For Providers, Physicians (MD), Internists, Hospitalists, Specialists, Intensivists, Residents, Physician Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Medical Students, etc.iDox Incorporates: + 500 Medical Templates H&Ps and PN, brief & comprehensive formats (Disease-specific, structured, interactive, modular). + 300 Diagnoses/Problems TemplatesReadily customizable and added to the Notes (harmonized for best practices and ICD-10-embedded specificity elements-). + 2000 Clinical Macros (smartphrases) All easily and independently accessible, given its modular build and highly intuitive nomenclature. (Sections like Subjective, HPI, ROS, PE, DX, CALX, etc). + 600 Links to MediCalc (Hyperlink from the Note directly to the specific Calculator Panel -WebApp-). iDox integrates into the workflows, is flexible, customizable and scalable. + User-Friendly + Highly Intuitive + iDox is Ready for your Hospital Runs on Epic versions 2012, 2015 and newer+ Structured data = Stronger data+ Improves Clinical Documentation+ Optimal Coding maximizes reimbursement+ Antidote against Note Bloat+ Clinical Checklists (Click-saving) + Designed by Board-certified MDs and Certified Clinical Documentation specialists (based on CMS guidelines and best practices) iDox recaptures the primary purpose of the Notes: Support patient care, tell the patient story and communication. It standardizes clinical processes. By the makers of MediCalc, the first and most comprehensive Medical Calculator System in the world, online since 1996. (>250, 000 users & free online access). Available in spanish and italian. Other Medical Apps developed by ScyMed include eH&P, NephroCalc, LiverCalc, SEPSIS 3, eGFR, EKG-card, H&P-card, etc.(mobile & online). ScyMed is a medical information company developing Medical Decision Systems and clinical application software programs for Physicians and healthcare professionals. Notice: ScyMed is neither affiliated nor endorsed by Epic, Cerner or any other EMR/EHR company.
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