Mankato Clinic eVisit App provides an easy way for you to report symptoms to a Mankato Clinic healthcare provider. Plus, it easily tracks, securely stores and conveniently shares your health profile from the palm of your hand. Designed perfectly for all android devices, you can customize the app to help manage your medications and alert you to adverse drug interactions. You're also able to track vitals such as blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose level with the option of producing custom reports that enable you and your healthcare provider to make more informed decisions. As a bonus, the app tracks exercise routines and aids in contacting 911 and family or friends through the push of one button. These features, and more, are all available with Mankato Clinic eVisit App. For Mankato Clinic eVisit App Terms of use please visit: https://www.geniemd. net/mankato/terms.htmlFor Mankato Clinic eVisit App Privacy Policy please visit: https://www.geniemd. net/mankato/terms.html. Care Coordination feature allows caregivers to view and change the medical records of a family member. Share stories and process requests and get notifications on out of range vitals such as blood pressure. Medication Tracker - Customize the app by entering medications and vitamins into Mankato Clinic eVisit App and it will help you manage your intake routine. The app will also alert you to adverse drug interaction when evaluating new medications. Track your vitals - From blood pressure to glucose levels, the app will help you keep track and monitor the vitals that matter most. Condition Monitoring - With Mankato Clinic eVisit App you can help manage your condition with a holistic view of the different factors impacting your overall well-being. Fitness Aid - Keep track of your favorite exercise routines, workout duration and calories burned to keep pace with your fitness goals. Emergency Contacts - In the press of one button, you can contact 911, family and friends to help when you need it most. Education - Mankato Clinic eVisit App pulls knowledge from the most trustworthy sources in the cloud so you can get smarter about your health and make informed decision.
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