teamLabBody -3D Motion Human Anatomy Lite (Head and Neck) - is the world's first 3D Human Anatomy App to reproduce the arrangement and movement of a living human. Works on NEXUS 7, NEXUS 10, Regza (1280x800), Regza (1920x1200), Xperia Tablet Z- Supported languages: English, Japanese- Anatomy in Head and Neck Description: The world's first to reproduce in animation the movements of the joints in a living human body in 3D. See the forms and movements of the 3D human skeleton from any angle and magnification. Highly accurate 3D anatomy model (Head and Neck) created from CT and MRI scan data. See highly accurate reproductions of muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, and bones of the head and neck. Internal organs and brain are not covered. Detailed explanations of human body parts. Search for names and detailed explanations of body parts and get the 3D visuals in an instance. Backstory: Professor Kazuomi Sugamoto, from the laboratory of "Orthopedic Biomaterial Science" of Osaka University, and his research team created the world's first method for analyzing 3-dimensional movements of the joints of living people in 1998. They discovered that the voluntary movements of a living human body differ from the involuntary movements observed in donor bodies. For more than 10 years, the team has taken CT and MRI images of 20-30 living human, observed the arrangement and movement of every single joint, analyzed the images with computer programs, and has visualized the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones, and joints of the human body. teamLabBody is useful for anybody with occupations related with the human body, such as medical and nursing students, orthopedists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, bonesetters, and athletic trainers. For gaining practical knowledge of human anatomy and kinematics. With teamLabBody, the forms and movements of a living human body can be seen in 3D with detailed descriptions, supporting your study on human anatomy and kinematics. For treatment and surgical planningThis medical app is useful for orthopedists and physiotherapists during treatment planning. Not only muscles, the existence of important nerves hidden behind muscles can also be found, making surgical planning easier. This app can be used offline, making it usable during surgeries with appropriate cleaning process. For explaining to patients. The operation of this app is easy, and the visuals are easy for patients to understand, making this app useful when explaining to patients during examinations.
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