Welcome to the epic sounds of relaxation. Twenty-three spacious and tranquil sounds of water and nature that can help you unwind from a busy day; bring peaceful rest in a moment of meditation or yoga, or simply help you get to sleep. More than 60 minutes of comforting sound in all. Be sure to watch and listen to the video. With Relaxing Sounds of Water you can enjoy the pleasant sounds of ocean waves or the restoring tones of distant streams in the forest. Take a break with the sound of gentle rain or pause for a daydream at the edge of a waterfall. Each sound is engineered by hand and crafted to bring you to a calming interlude with every listen. Relaxing Sounds of Water is the ideal relaxation app for people on the go and is a great way to help relieve stress. No Wi-Fi access needed because with Relaxing Sounds of Water you get all the high quality sounds right on your device for instant playback any time, anywhere. No Wi-fi Required. For some people, a natural background ambience improves concentration and productivity and can improve attention span and focus by blocking out extraneous and distracting noise. Relaxing Sounds of Water is great for masking unwanted background noises and aids in having a sound sleep so you can wake up refreshed and feel restored and rejuvenated. Included in this portable day spa for you and your mobile device: 23 Relaxing Water Sounds - more than 60 minutes of soothing sound from the rolling waves of the ocean, the gentle sounds of an afternoon rain or even the wind at your sails as you drift along the ocean shores. 11 Water Tones - Great for alerts, notifications or even ringtones, these are awesome sounding liquid tones that can make your android device sound a little friendlier and naturally distinctive. Water Winds Wallpaper - Twelve beautiful aquatic nature inspired wallpapers for a reduction of stress on the desktop of your device. Treat yourself with a little kindness, for less than a single cup of coffee Relaxing Sounds of Water can help bring you to a sense of calm, composure and repose. Sit back, chill out, close your eyes and take a break from the cares of the day with Relaxing Sounds of Water. Set your audio player to Loop or Shuffle for continuous play of these natural harmonic and serene sounds. NO Ads - NO Spam - NO Worries. Reminder: With so many sounds, this app may take a few minutes to download. It's totally worth the wait. Function List (depending on your device) -Set sound as ringtone -Set sound as alert -Set sound as notification -Set sound for personalized contact tone -Downloadable audio-Share via email, text, bluetooth -Shuffle mode (in mp3 player mode) -Repeat current, repeat all (in mp3 player mode) for continuous play -Does not include a sleep timer -Includes an exclusive in-app promo link for more sounds from Epic Sounds and FX - completely free.
Operating System Android