Dermatology Free PANCE Review

Prepare for the PANCE/PANRE on the go. Your studying for the PANCE does not need to be confined to a conference room, or just to your computer at home. This application is a free preview of the review of the Dermatology Section of the NCCPA Blueprint for the PANCE and PANRE. Full application includes video that reviews point by point of the Dermatology Blueprint. The Full application also includes 219 PANCE Style Multiple Choice Questions, Answers, and Detailed Explanations. The full Dermatology Blueprint Lecture Video is 1 hour and 5 minutes. Physician Assistants can claim Category II CME for this activity. This application would also be useful for medical students and nurse practitioners. Eczematous EruptionsDermatitisDyshidrosisLichen simplex chronicusPapulosquamous DiseasesDrug eruptionsLichen planusPityriasis roseaPsoriasisDesquamationErythema multiformeStevens-Johnson syndromeToxic epidermal necrolysisVesicular BullaeBullous pemphigoidAcneiform LesionsAcne vulgarisRosaceaVerrucous LesionsActinic keratosisSeborrheic keratosis Insects/ParasitesLiceScabiesSpider bitesNeoplasmsBasal cell carcinomaKaposi sarcoma MelanomaSquamous cell carcinomaHair and NailsAlopeciaOnychomycosisParonychiaViral DiseasesCondyloma acuminatumExanthemsHerpes simplexMolluscum contagiosumVaricella-zoster virus infectionsVerrucaeBacterial InfectionsCellulitisErysipelasImpetigoFungal Infections CandidiasisDermatophyte infectionsOtherAcanthosis nigricansBurnsHidradenitis suppurativaLipomas/epithelial inclusion cystsMelasmaPilonidal diseasePressure ulcers UrticariaVitiligo.
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