Research shows that at least 1 out of 3 adults in the United States has higher than normal blood sugar, also known as pre-diabetes. Without prevention, pre-diabetes can transition to diabetes within 10 years. This problem is exploding in countries like India. Cyberhealths has developed an online interactions platform called Type2 Diabetes Prevention Program (T2DPP) for diabetes prevention and weight management. It is an online fitness and health control portal. It empowers its users to take control of their diet and fitness programs, so that they can achieve their health and weight goals - even from the comfort of their own home. Registered members can use our electronic diaries and mobile apps to enter their food and exercise records, which can then be monitored online through an administrative "health coach" interface. Participants' progress is closely monitored and when required, real time intervention is also provided. Online courses that encourage healthy living are an essential part of CyberHealths. CyberHealths is also a smart application which can tell a person whether he/she is underweight/overweight/obese or even diabetic. It can plan the ideal diet and exercise plan by suggesting food and exercises that are appropriate based on height and weight. It keeps track of the weight goal set and ensures that it is not detrimental to health. It encourages its users to invite friends over into CyberHealths, set group goals, challenge each other, achieve their weight goals and celebrate their accomplishments together. Future goals include interfacing with endocrinologists (diabetic doctors). Endocrinologists can track the blood sugar levels and other biometrics of their patients seamlessly by using our App. Overall, CyberHealths aims to provide a wholesome and complete environment which can be effortlessly incorporated in the everyday lives of its users enabling them to follow healthy living. This is just the beginning.
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