Blue Light Filter - Eye Shield

Blue Light Filter - Eye Shield is an ideal blue light filter application for mobile phones or tablets used to protect eyes from blue wavelength emitted by screen. It offers good eye care during night reading in bed and protects from blue light that can disrupt normal sleep cycles and cause insomnia Blue Light Filter - Eye Shield advanced protection features: Premade blue light filters - Use one of 3 supplied blue light filters for ideal blue light protection and optimal eye care by choosing a filter depending on light intensity in your environment. Saving and editing user filters - Create and adjust a blue light filter to optimally meet your eye care needs, or make a set of blue light filters ideal to protect your eyes from brightness in different occasions. Dimming the screen below system minimum - Use "Dim" protection to block excessive screen brightness and protect your eyes by dimming the light. It is ideal eye care if you enjoy night reading without any light in the room. Temperature palette filter customization - Use 'Temperature" palette to set warmer or cooler tint to your blue light filter. Warmer (reddish) colors are recommended as blue light filter and ideal to use during the evening and night. Color palette filter customization - Use "Color" palette to adjust ideal color tint for your screen. Find out which color is most pleasant to your eyes. RGB color filter customization - Use "RGB" color protection to fine tune your filter. "R" stands for red, "G" for green, "B" for blue and "A" for alpha (opacity). Adjust those to get ideal color for your blue light filterRelevant articles and scientific studies: Effects of blue lights technologyhttps:en. How exposure to blue light affects your brain and bodyNature Neuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep Med Rev, American Macular Degeneration Foundation; European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons; JAMA Neurology Amber lenses to block blue light and improve sleep: A randomized trial. Chronobiology International, 26 (8) : 1602-1612, (2009).
License Free
Version 1.08
Operating System Android