Welcome to the CATALYST Site App. This app was designed for CATALYST Clinical Research staff participating in 402-C-1504. It is intended to assist study teams with patient pre-screening and participant visits. This app contains the following features: INCLUSION/EXCLUSION CRITERIA - List of each approved version of the study inclusion and exclusion criteria from the protocol. 6MWT SCRIPT - Detailed script for 6MWT taken directly from the ATS guidelines. 6MWT CALCULATOR - Calculator which allows users to easily enter in 2 distances to help determine Percentage Difference. VISIT WINDOW CALCULATOR - Provides a detailed outline of study visits based on Day 1, as entered by the user. VISIT REMINDERS/TIPS GUIDE - Outlines important study reminders and provides a description of each phase of the study. VISIT SCHEDULE OF ASSESSMENTS - Provides a visit outline with dates and details assessments due at each visit.
Operating System Android