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Welcome to yoga fitness for girls. A pocket guide to to all of the most effective yoga poses for the body. We have various routines that target different parts of the body as well as different effects. The Yoga Training Program for girls consists of only 10 exercises to be done for 30 seconds, with 15 second breaks between each exercise. Repeat 2-3 circuits depending on how much time you have. Make it your first choice at home or at the office. Exercise is the key to life. Keep the body strong and your mind free. Although some think yoga is only for relaxing and staying calm, yoga is a great strength builder and some of the strongest people in the world perform yoga on a daily basis to reduce stress and build muscle. All exercises and routines are simple and do not require the implementation of additional elements more than your body and free space. They are designed so that you can perform anywhere with a few free minutes. Now you can keep track of your yoga workout on the calendar and create alarms for the days and hours you want to perform a training program. Features- Support all Screens- Free and Simple- Many Yoga Poses - Workout Log- Set Reminder- Yoga levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). CounterBENEFITS OF DAILY YOGA- Helps you keep your cool- Top to toe toning- You're happier- Yoga for Energy Improvement- Calming Your Mind- Improves posture and strengthens back- Confidence booster- Better libido- Improve Your Flexibility- Yoga for Better Sleep- Yoga for Body Toning- Yoga for Great Legs- fitness and health- You sleep better- Weight Loss- Yoga for a Strong Backand more. This is an exercise app for Girls with plenty of Yoga sessions essential for daily routines and help your stretching exercises. Download and allow yourself the space to let go, relax, and release residual tension. I hope that it is useful for improve your health and fitness. If you like this app, please rate for us 5 star to support us improve it better. Thanks so much.
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