13: 30 Effect is an app based on a research study done by Professor James Spottiswoode in 1997. After examining 20 years of data Spottiswoode discovered that 13: 30 local sidereal time correlated with a 450% increase in our intuitive and remote viewing abilities. The 13: 30 Effect Android application displays your 13: 30 local sidereal time, so you can take advantage of this powerful time of the day to enhance your intuitive abilities. With the premium version you will be able to set an alarm for the 13: 30 time and keep track of synchronicities and downloads you receive during your meditation practice with a notes log. You will also be able to listen to a powerful binaural beats program that increases theta waves (theta brain waves are associated with increased intuition). The techniques section features powerful techniques to help you manifest the life of your dreams and connect more fully to your intuition.
Operating System Android