Count Out Loud takes away the need for you to remember what number you're on or if you're going to fast or to slow. Let the app do that for you. Simply move the sliders selecting "What to Count To", "Speed those numbers are said", "How many Sets" and "Time Between Sets" and have an automated voice count following those instructions. ADDITIONAL Features: Counting in multiple languages and voices Store saved configurations for later use. Notifications for when a set is complete or when all sets are complete. SAMPLE USES: Timing stretches and exercises General counting Counting in different languages Games"Count Out Loud" was primarily built for physical therapy where you are instructed to do a stretch a certain number of times repeated for a certain number of sets. At the office, simply have the therapist record the configuration for the stretches needed and save them. Now at home you no longer need to remember the exact instruction, just load the configuration and do the stretch on each count. "Count Out Loud" can be used for any situation where a vocal count of numbers is needed either counting up or counting down. If there are features you'd like to see added, feel free to send us feedback.
Operating System Android