Our application "Weight diary" developed, first, for people who care about their health and appearance. You can control both weight loss and muscle gain. All kinds of graphics and statistics will allow you to monitor improvement of weight index. You also have an ability to set the weight you want, what can motivate you to reach your aim. The application fits both sportsmen and people, who want to improve their health. When you found your perfect weight and reached it, you: Improve your health and mood;- Feel surge of energy and freshness;- Improve your physical abilities;- Feel enjoyment of reached goal;- Improve your appearance. Make progresses, eat healthy food, train and keep your body up, and our weight journal will help you. Application's main functions are: Setting your goal weight;- Weight changings journal over different periods;- Your weight converter in different systems of weight;- Multilanguage capability;- Understandable and simple interface.
Operating System Android