INR Diary assists in following up your anticoagulation programme. Insert the daily dose of your blood thinner medication (Warfarin, Coumadin, Marcoumar, Sintrom, Marevan, Falithrom,) for a certain period of time. You can add one dose at a time or multiple doses in bulk, according to a dose scheme. Doses can be expressed as an amount of pills or in milligrams. The app will remind you to take your daily dose at a personally configurable time. Tap on your daily dose to confirm you've taken the blood thinner medication. The timestamp of confirmation is stored in the app. That way, you'll never forget if and at what time you've taken a pill. The app also allows you to enter INR measurements of your blood and presents a graphical overview that visualizes the evolution of your INR in time. The app also calculates when a new INR measurement is planned. Dose and INR data can be exported/imported for backup or transfer purposes.
Operating System Android