Subliminal Happy Thoughts

Join thousands for users around the world who use Brainwaves Lab album on a daily basis. Subliminal Happy Encoded Thoughts by Brainwaves Lab - 36 minutes of audio. In here - Subliminal Happy Encoded Thoughts - a new android app version for a best seller albumfrom Amazon and eMusic stores. In this superb 36 minutes of audio you get the best of worlds. Subliminal Happy Thoughts are being embedded into a unique top quality relaxing healing music. Upload it to your device once and take it with you whenever you need it - no additional net connectionis needed once the app is installed inside your device. Listen to it when the screen is on, or off. On your daily walk on the beach or while doing dishes. When going to sleep - with or without headphones. Put inside your head some happy thoughts, bring back your inner child to life, refresh your soul. (p) + (c) megassus 2013.
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