Thai Yoga mobile app presents: 1. Photographs and detailed descriptions of more than 50 exercises. 2. A set of exercises designed for 24 weeks practice. 3. Built-in timer for easy exercise and position monitoring. 4. The original historical pictures of exercise. Features of Thai yoga system: 1. It is designed for ordinary people not for monks and hermits. 2. The practice of Thai yoga requires no special diet or lifestyle. 3. The exercises are simple, but very effective and have many health benefits. 4. Practice takes less time as compared to indian yoga. 5. Thai exercises can easily be practiced by the people of almost any age and health status. Thai yoga (Ruesri Dat Ton). Unlike the Indian yoga, Thai ancient complex of exercises (thai name Ruesri Dat Ton) are not so well known. According to legend, Thai yoga was created by Buddha's personal physician Jivaka Kamarabhakkoy. In the early 19th century, King Rama 3 ordered to collect, classify and preserve all the old medical treatises of Thailand. In many of them are described medical foundations and benefits of application of Thai yoga. In Wat Pho temple at Bangkok preserved ancient statues and pictures with explanations (approximately 1700 - 1800), depicting the Thai yoga practitioners. Thanks to them you can with a high degree of accuracy restore features practice exercises. We sincerely thank our patient models and friendly monks of Wat Pho temple. We are happy to hear all of your comments and suggestions.
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