This is the Pro, ad free, version of the popular free Kettlebell Workouts app. Whether you have mastered kettlebell swings or you are just kettlebell curious, this is the app for you. Kettlebell Workouts Pro is designed to help you keep track of all your training yet is simple enough to stay out of your way. If you don't need a babysitter to help you workout but you are tired of keeping pen-and-paper log books, then this app is for you. This app is designed to be as easy to use as pen and paper yet will allow you to easily log your progress over time in any of over 60 built-in exercise or any exercise you see fit to type into the little box. Choose from sample kettlebell workouts and start working out with one click- Easily create your own workout routine and start logging your progress in seconds- Log your entire strength training workout or crossfit routine without typing a single character- Enjoy kettlebell training specific predictive text when naming exercises and creating workouts- Quickly navigate within a simple, intuitive interface that mimics the notebook common to a typical workout logThe app also includes: A database of over 60 kettlebell and bodyweight exercises that will expand with every new exercise you throw at it. Pre-installed kettlebell workouts so you can start training and get on the path to fitness instantly- Rest Interval Timer with Audible (optional) and Vibration Feedback, so you do not have to watch the clock during your workout- Built-in Workout Timer, so you can train efficiently and stay on track.
Operating System Android