Been doing the same leg workout for 6 months? Need help planning your workouts and don't have your own personal trainer? Create your very own weight, kettlebell or cardio workout plan with the Random Workout Generator in this app. HOW IT WORKS: CHOOSE WORKOUT TYPE: Tell the app whether you want a cardio, weight lifting or kettlebell workout. Alternatively click "Surprise Me" for a random choice among the three. SELECT YOUR EQUIPMENT: Tell the app what equipment you have available for your workout (barbells, dumbbells, dip bars, chin up bar, leg press machine etc) - TIME: Tell the app how much time you have for your workout. SELECT BODY PART: For weight lifting workouts, select among upper body, lower body and full body workouts. SELECT SETS PER WORKOUT: For weight lifting workouts, set the number of sets to be completed of each exercise. START: The random workout generator will build you a customized and well-balanced weight training, kettlebell or cardio routine in seconds. Features: SAVE WORKOUTS: Name and save each random workout you complete (arm workout, leg workout, rowing, girya, cardio plan etc) so that you can repeat it later, - WORKOUT TRACKER/LOG: log the weight used, reps achieved, and even the estimate of calories burned for each set of each exercise in every workout- 100 WEIGHT EXCERSISES: including all the basics like barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, barbell squat, military press, barbell curls and so much more. 69 Arm and Upper Body Exercises: 10 Bicep Exercises, 11 Tricep Exercises, 13 Pressing Movements (such as Bench Press), 26 Shoulder and Trapezius Exercises, 9 Back Exercises- 12 Leg Exercises for the Quadriceps and Hamstrings- 16 Core Exercises including Twisting Abdominal Crunch and Alternating Knee Lifts- 11 KETTLEBELL EXCERSISES: including kettlebell swings, windmills, turkish get-ups and more. 9 CARDIO OPTIONS: get your cardio training from running, cycling, rowing and more- BALANCED WORKOUTS: our algorithm makes sure that the exercises are balanced with an even distribution across the major upper and lower body functional movements- EDIT YOUR WORKOUTS ON THE FLY: Delete and add exercises as you go. CREATE YOUR OWN EXERCISES: WHY? Consistency is the key to making continual progress in fitness. Whether your goal is to loose weight or build muscle, putting in good work at the gym on a regular basis is critical to your success. That's why this app allows you to keep track of the weight lifted and reps achieved for each set of each exercise and why it is easy for you to return to any of the workouts you have completed and do them again. But let's face it, most of us can't afford a personal trainer and we all get in a fitness rut from time to time. Blindly following a workout routine you found in a magazine for months on end can lead to burn-out, plateaus in progress, or even worse, muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. The workout routine builder in this app is based on a simple process of balancing exercises from apposing muscle groups (e.g. biceps vs. triceps, hamstrings vs. quads) in a way that matches the amount of time you have to workout. Furthermore, experts have stated that the key to continual muscle growth and strength gains is muscle confusion. Keep your muscles guessing and build well-rounded strength with a variety of upper or lower body exercises at each workout. Create strength building and fat burning workouts for your whole body with the following equipment: Kettlebell (girya) - Leg press machine- Leg curl/extension machine- Pull Down Cables- Barbell- Dumbbellsand more. Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or suggestions at gymer., and leave a review if you love the app. We would love to hear from you. Follow us on: Twitter:
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