(FYI: We outperformed every Nursing Home in our company's Southeast Region.) SurveyReady Preparedness for Infection Control and Safety Surveillance can assist Nursing Home Administrators and Executive Directors prepare for their Annual Survey Review. Please note that this app should only be used to compliment your current management tools that are used in your facility. It should not be used as your sole preparation for your annual review. This app was created by a Nursing Home Administrator and used by other administrators for continuous feedback to improve its effectiveness. We have noticed that this app not only offer assistance preparing for annual survey but can raise the overall compliance, service, and quality of care in a facility when use correctly. By emailing your final report outlining what will be observed in an anticipated department inspection from the administrator and/or RVP can improve your facility. Please note that consistency and ample time for department heads preparation to prevail in meeting your expectation for inspection is necessary. Over time your facility standards will improve since you are always providing the criteria or in other words "answers to the test". Our goal is to assist administrators and ensure their facility meets a high standard of care to all residents in nursing homes.
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