Sound Oasis is the world leader in sound therapy systems. We take relaxation and sleep therapy seriously and hope that this Baby Sounds For Sleep app helps you and your baby. This app provides a sample of just a few of our professionally recorded and edited soundscapes that have been carefully selected to help you to escape, relax, sleep and rejuvenate your body and your mind, a fully functional playback timer, and soft off volume management. How Does This APP Work? The sounds in this app can be an effective tool to help your baby or child relax and fall asleep using sound therapy. Nature sounds create a familiar, highly effective way to relax, block out unwanted sounds and create a soothing sound environment. These baby specific sound tracks are carefully designed so that you experience our world famous sounds uninterrupted for the best sleep experience possible. Features: 12 INCLUDED SPECIALTY SOOTHING SOUNDS- White Noise- Ocean Surf- Gentle Rain- Summer Night- Dolphins- Prenatal- Heartbeat- Womb- Lullaby By Dr. Halpern- Car Ride- Lullaby By Dr. Thompson- NorthwoodsSESSION TIMER- 5 to 120 minute session timer with continuous therapy option. SOFT OFF VOLUME MANAGEMENT- Full volume control with soft off volume management.
Operating System Android